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M D NAIROur lifestyle today exposes us to several stresses, which take their toll on the body, especially the joints. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis are becoming more widespread in society today, which in turn lead to further psychosomatic complications.

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Dr. M. D. Nair.

Mechanism of Action

Collagen Peptide is a mixture of easily absorbable tri, di-peptides and amino acids. The amino acid composition of collagen peptide and that of collagen in articular cartilage are almost similar. Collagen Peptide contains Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline about 3 times compared to proteins from other sources. Preclinical and cell cultural studies shows that food derived collagen peptides are absorbed as di-peptides and amino acids. These peptides and amino acids stimulate chondrocytes and initiate anabolic phase of chondrocytes metabolism. This implies that peptide derivatives of collagen have a role to play in stimulating the synthesis of extracellular matrix of Chondrocytes and thereby initiate cartilage regeneration.

Clinical Study done India

There have been 18 clinical studies around the world, demonstrating the beneficial effects of collagen peptides on collagen regeneration. In India, a double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial was conducted to determine the effectiveness and safety of bovine bone collagen peptide as an add-on nutritional supplement in management of subjects with knee joint osteoarthritis. The trial was conducted by a medical team led by Dr.V.T.Sriraam (M.D. Pharmacology) of Auroville Healthcare.

Conclusion of the study

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Other Research Studies

a. Clinical Studies
  • Significant improvement in WOMAC score (F=12.40, p=0.0001 and VAS Score (F=12.94, p<0.0001) between group from baseline to visit 7, from one to thirteen weeks in BBCP group, which in turn resulted in improvement of overall Quality of Life ( F=15.35, p=0.0001).
  • As the Investigational product is a nutritional supplement it has resulted in best improvements in subjects with grade 2 Osteoarthritis.
  • The present study demonstrated that oral ingestion of Bovine Bone Collagen Peptide is safe and can improve joint function and quality of life in patients with knee joint Osteoarthritis.

Absorption of Collagen Peptide into Blood

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Treatment of Osteoarthritis and Joint pain

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