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I am a 54 year old housemaid. I had been suffering from pain in both my knees for five years. I had taken several medications and none of the medicines reduced my pain. The doctor suggested me to stop the continuous use of painkillers as they will cause problems to the body. Then I came to know about Gelixer® CollagenPep and started using it.
It was difficult for me to bend my knees and stand without the help of others before using Gelixer® CollagenPep. But after taking 5 bottles of Gelixer® CollagenPep, I felt a good improvement in my knee pain and I can now bend my knees. I can do my work without any difficulties. I can easily get into a bus.
I thank NGIL and Gelixer® CollagenPep for helping me get permanent recovery from knee pain. From my experience I assure that Gelixer® CollagenPep will be a good relief for those who are suffering from pain due to degeneration in joints.

Mrs.Kamala Manoharan, Palluruthy, Kochi

My name is Shylaja. I am 51 year old. I was suffering from knee pain and osteoarthritis for 3 years. I had taken several medicines and I was not able to bend my knees. I saw an advertisement of Gelixer® CollagenPep in Paper and TV. I used 6 bottles and now I can bend my knees. I recommend Gelixer® CollagenPep to people who cannot bend their knees.

Mrs. Shylaja Dasan, Karuvelippady, Kochi

Currently my mother is taking the powder for the 2nd month only, she does find relief to some extent, but to know the full impact I think another month’s course has to continue.

krajivan@hotmail.com, Mumbai

I am happy to say that your medicines have improved my situation significantly. My knee problems have been persisting for a very long time, and over the years I have tried various treatments like alopathy, physiotherapy and Ayurveda and they have failed to provide any comfort.
I have been using your medicines for nearly twenty five days now, and I am already beginning to see effect. Previously my knees would hurt while walking, and I would feel a sort of jerk on my knee while I walked. Although the jerking and pain have not reduced much, it is much easier to move around now. The affected knee would lack support, and I was unable to control my movement well, but now I feel it is much more convenient for me to walk around or move around. Also, the knee brace I used to require all the time is not needed that much anymore.
The great help your medicine has provided me, assures me that there are many others in Calcutta who will benefit positively from your medicine. It would be very good if your brand was available in Calcutta, so that others who are suffering without remedy might be able to help themselves out. Please do consider distribution in Calcutta.

I used Gelixer® for three months and found improvement. Can I continue for a longer period? Will there be any side effect?

Mrs. Lakshmi

I have tried Collagen peptide and with the Grace of ALLAH, I found it very effective. I used to get knee pain very often, but now ALHAMDULILAH, it has reduced a lot. I took Collagen Peptide for a fortnight first and then I stopped it for a month.
However I have been taking it regularly for a month now. My mother too used it, but she didn’t feel much improvement, it could be because, she didn’t take it for more than 15 days. I intend to give it to her continuously for at least 2 months.
I'm happy with this collagen peptide.

Asma Hafeeza

My name is Shobhana. Pain in my knees started 2 years back. I came to know about Gelixer® through an advertisement. I felt change in the pain after 3 bottles and after 6 bottles no pain in my knees. It is a good medicine.

Mrs. Shobhana, Palluruthy, Kochi

I am 56 year old and I was working in GULF. I was suffering from knee pain. I saw an advertisement of Gelixer® CollagenPep in a newspaper. I contacted the telephone number provided in the advertisement and came to know about details of this medicine. I used the product continuously for 3 months. Now I can climb steps. After seeing my improvement my wife also started taking Gelixer®. She is also feeling good relief. Gelixer® is a good medicine for knee pain.

Mr. K.V. Joseph, Kadaveedu, Majnjummel

My sister is suffering from knee problem for a long time. One of my friends with a similar problem like hers has taken Gelixer®and has got great relief. So, kindly let me know where Gelixer® is available in Chennai or Mumbai.

Mr.Narayan Sastri

I am 63 years old and I had been suffering from osteoarthritis since my adolescence. The pain in my right knee used to be so severe that some nights sleep would be impossible without a large dose of painkillers.
After starting on Gelixer®, I noticed a positive change within 15 days. I am continuing its use. I also understand from browsing through internet that collagen has good anti-ageing compounds.


I am 68 year old senior citizen. I got complete relief from the pain and stiffness in my right knee after the use of Gelixer® CollagenPep food supplement for three months. I am continuing the use of Gelixer® CollagenPep.

Mr. N. NaryanaPillai, Thiruvalla

I am a housewife. I am 58 year old. My problem was swelling in the knee. I felt stiffness, pain and swelling in my left knee 4 years back. I used Ayurveda medicines for a long time but did not get any relief. Two years later the same problems started in my right knee. I was unable to bend my knees and climb the steps. I also tried allopathy medicines for several months. Then I came to know about Gelixer® CollagenPep and started using it. After the 4th bottle, I felt change in the swelling in my knees. Now swelling in left knee is completely gone. Now I can bend both my knees and difficulty in climbing the steps also reduced.
I advised to use Gelixer® CollagenPep to people who are suffering from similar problems.

Mrs. Subhadra Devi, Thazhava, Karunagappally

I am a housemaid. About two years back when I was on my way home, I suddenly fell due to stiffness in the knees. I went to the hospital and came to know that my knees were worn out. I was not able to bend my knees. The doctor advised me that there was no solution for this condition and recommended some painkillers and exercises. I followed directions given by doctors for some days. Being a housemaid, I was not in a position to continue the exercises.
Then I happened to see the advertisement of Gelixer® CollagenPep on TV and informed the house owner about the product. She bought me the product. Initially I felt only slight improvement but after 6th bottle I can bend my knees and now I have got good relief. I am continuing this product and taking 8th bottle. I am 56 years old and I can do my works without any difficulties. I am also not feeling any difficulty in getting into buses.
I am grateful to Gelixer® CollagenPep and NGIL. From my experience I believe that Gelixer® CollagenPep will be useful for those who are suffering from joint problems.

Mrs. Philomina Ausgustine, Aroor.

My name is Indiradevi. I was having difficulty in walking due to degeneration in my joints. I had undergone several treatments. I started using Gelixer® CollagenPep in June 2010. Now I am feeling good improvement. I thank the company who bought Gelixer® powder into market

Mrs. Indiradevi, Fort, Trivandrum

My father, who is 75 years old, has been suffering with knee pain for last several years. A comfortable walk was very difficult for him. We tried many sorts of treatments in the past and found not much of improvement. He started using Gelixer® since its inception without much of hope.
Anyway, now after a few months of continuous usage, I could say that there is a noticeable improvement in him. Pain on right knee is almost completely gone and the left knee is feeling far better than before.
Thanks a lot.

Mohandas PM

I am a native of Malayankil (TVM) & I am doing contract painting works in which I also work. My job involves lot of moving around, climbing heights etc. For the last one and a half years or so I have developed severe knee pain & swelling, and flexibility was a problem. I was undergoing Ayurvedic treatment without much improvement in the condition. My family friend suggested Gelixer® and I am in to my 5th bottle. The pain & swelling reduced considerably & the swelling disappeared. Thank you so much for giving such a good product. Kindly let me know whether I can get it at a discounted rate.

S. Somanathan Potti

I had been suffering from back pain and joint pain for four to five years. Tried several medicines and found no relief and I could not even sit in the stores due to severe pain. Then I happened to hear about Gelixer® CollagenPep from my friend.
I tried the product and found good relief in pain. I also noticed improvement in varicose vein which I was suffering for years.
Now I completed almost 5 jars of Gelixer® CollagenPep and I feel good relief from these sufferings. So I feel happy to recommend this product to others.

Mr. K.J. Mathai, Leena Stores Pallithazham, Mulanthuruthy, Ernakulam, Kerala

Suffering from joint pain, I felt very interested when I saw an advertisement for Gelixer® CollagenPep. I felt it will reduce my joint problems. Immediately I purchased and started using it. I have been using the product for the last two months. I am an osteoarthritis patient. I am taking Dicerine and Lubrijoint as per doctor's advice. Now I am feeling good relief after taking Gelixer® CollagenPep along with other medications. I thank NGIL for bringing this product into the market.
Suggestions - I wish if it has a better and pleasing flavour. I feel gelatin smell. Medicine is good buit one should feel like taking it also, isn’t it. Pineapple, lemon, Strawberyor tonovin - any of this flavours will give an added advantage.

Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi, 2.A. link Heights, Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam

I was a teacher (71 years). In 2007 I felt severe knee pain and I was unable to walk. So I was admitted in hospital. Doctors told me that the pain was due to degenerative joints. They suggested that I should undergo surgery or continue with some massaging oils and Ayurevdic medicines. During the course of Ayurvedic treatment, one of my family friends suggested Gelixer® CollagenPep. I used 4 bottles and the pain reduced. I am an arthritis patient and suffering from knee pain and back pain. I am also taking medicine for heart problems. I am feeling good improvement in knee pain after taking Gelixer® CollagenPep and not feeling any pain in knee during walking. I feel that this product will give good relief to people those who are suffering from knee pain.
I thank Gelixer® and company for giving good relief.

Mrs. Mary Kuriakose, Mulanthuruthy

I am 55 year old. I had been suffering from knee pain and swelling for last 7 years. Undergone several treatments but found no relief. I have been using Gelixer® CollagenPep since august 2010. I am feeling some relief. I would like to know directions for continuing the product. Will it give any changes in the other joints in body? I am taking Calcium tablets. Is there any problem in continuing calcium tablets? I am taking one tablet per day for cholesterol. I would like to know more about Gelixer® CollagenPep

Mrs. P.N Sreedevi, Koratty, Trichur