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Collagen brings benefits that others don’t!

Did you know 6% of our body is composed of Collagen?

That is around 4 Kg of collagen! It can be found everywhere from our skin, bones, cartilage, hair, nails and blood vessels to our internal organs; playing a vital role in the functioning of our bodies. When collagen starts to deteriorate, we start to show signs of ageing.

By the age of 20, our body starts losing collagen. The only way to increase collagen in our body and fight ageing is to bring more collagen into our diet. But it is not easy to get the required amount of collagen from our regular diet.

To get the minimum recommended 5 gm of collagen daily, we need to consume 15 chicken wings. That’s a lot of calories!

So, what is the alternative? Collagen Peptides.

Collagen Peptides are clinically proven to improve skin, hair and nails, rebuild cartilage for healthy joints, strengthen bones and muscles and even manage diabetes.

Collagen Peptides are not the same as any other proteins. Collagen Peptides are proteins with functional benefits.

So go ahead and increase your collagen intake by adding Gelixer Collagen to your diet. Order now!